What is Scissor Lift Cross-hiring?

Cross-hiring is the act of using another hire company to fulfil your customer’s requirements. There can be a multitude of reasons as to why you would need to cross-hire (e.g. site location or general availability)

Rather than turn your customer away, you can cross-hire with Uphire to fulfil the order on your behalf.

You can read more about our Scissor Lift Cross-hiring in our dedicated blog found here

What are the benefits to Scissor Lift Cross-hire?

Location – If you have a customer who requires a Scissor Lift out of your service area

Cost – Instead of paying your drivers, fuel and machine costs you can cross-hire through Uphire

Time – Save hours of travel time to destinations which do not fit your schedule

Fleet – Customer may require a MEWP which you do not supply

Availability – Your schedule may not allow you to fulfil the order

How does Cross-hiring work? For hire companies...

How does Cross-hiring work? For end-users...