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Whether you’re a hire company that supplies powered access equipment or an end-user who requires the equipment, Uphire can help you with our Scissor Lift Cross-hire services!

What is Scissor Lift Cross-Hire?

Cross-hiring is the act of using another hire company to fulfil your customer’s requirements. There can be a multitude of reasons as to why you would need to cross-hire (e.g. site location or general availability), which we’ll explain further in this blog

Rather than turn your customer away, you can cross-hire with Uphire to fulfil the order on your behalf.

Benefits to Hire Companies:

Whether you are a hire company that has nationwide contracts or a company that has a small service area, cross-hiring may be your best solution and here’s why…

  • Location – If you have a customer who requires a Scissor Lift out of your service area
  • Cost – Instead of paying your drivers, fuel and machine costs you can cross-hire through Uphire
  • Time – Save hours of travel time to destinations which do not fit your schedule
  • Fleet – Customer may require a MEWP which you do not supply
  • Availability – Your schedule may not allow you to fulfil the order

Benefits to End-Users:

Cross-hiring doesn’t just benefit the hire companies, there are many reasons for an end-user to cross-hire too…

  • Workload – Take away your effort of finding the right supplier every time you hire
  • Vendor Reduction – Less admin work for you as you’ll only deal with Uphire
  • Knowledge – Not sure what lift you need? Our experts can help you make those decisions
  • Time – Make just one call to Uphire rather than a long list of suppliers
  • Price – Our market knowledge means you should always pay the right price

Our Service Area

For hire companies, we cover a large portion of the south east of England. We can even go the extra mile and provide same day delivery scissor lift hire! (subject to availability). We cover the following areas in particular…

  • Norfolk
  • Suffolk
  • Essex
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Bedfordshire

For end-users, we can cross-hire nationwide with our excellent source of contacts across the UK

Cost of Cross-Hiring

As a business with low overheads we offer competitive pricing for cross-hire. All quotes are dependent on location, length of hire and urgency to fulfil.

For customers requiring frequent scissor lift cross-hire we can offer bespoke packages to suit you. Get in touch with us today via our Contact Page for a quote!

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